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Our mission is to provide counseling in a safe and  nurturing environment.   Counseling can help you live a happier life.  We provide counseling services for any life issue you are facing.  Counseling is available in Smithfield, NC.  

Our Treatment Focus

Our counseling style depends on your treatment needs.  You are given information about researched based counseling approaches and you decide with your counselor which approach is best for you.   

Our Patient Promise

We promise to provide counseling services that treat you with dignity and respect.  We promise to listen and  provide a safe,comfortable and confidential environment to facilitate your personal  growth. Get counseling in Smithfield where you live and work.

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Depression & Anxiety

Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience.   They may leave you feeling powerless, hopeless, and helpless.   Doing the simple tasks of daily living can feeling overwhelming and or exhausting.  At times it may feel as if there is no way  or as if life will never get better.  We help you address these issues in counseling and  help you overcome them and start living the life you desire.

Trauma & PTSD

Traumatic events such as sexual and physical abuse, grief, infidelity, divorce, fire, school violence, bullying, and terminal illness can shake you at the core.  In a single day, it can  feels as if your world is crumbling down around you.  Trauma effects everyone differently.  Therefore counseling is  individualized to approach each person differently.  Even if you know other people who have gone through similar experiences, you may still feel isolated and distant from everyone.  Initial reactions to trauma can include exhaustion, confusion, sadness, anxiety, agitation, numbness, dissociation, confusion, physical arousal to include being easily startled, and blunted affect Indicators of more severe responses include continuous distress without periods of relative calm or rest, severe dissociation symptoms, and intense intrusive recollections that continue despite a return to safety. Delayed responses to trauma can include persistent fatigue, sleep disorders, nightmares, fear of recurrence, anxiety focused on flashbacks, depression, and avoidance of emotions, sensations, or activities that are associated with the trauma, even remotely.  Feelings of depression, anxiety, insomnia, nightmares can hinder your ability to meet daily life task.  In an instant, the way you view yourself and the world changes.

We want to help you over come these experiences and return to an engaged life beyond the the trauma.  Counseling can help.   We utilize evidence based trauma treatments to include Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) to help you recovery.  Living beyond it means escaping the debilitating effects and creating new meaning without the emotional and physical sensations created by the trauma.   Counseling can help you do this. EMDR assists clients in overcoming the physical and emotional hypersensitivities caused by the trauma as well as creates new more adaptive perceptions of one's self and the world.  CPT assist the client in restructuring the thoughts that that prevent them from moving beyond the trauma.

If you or some one you know is having nightmares, socially isolating because of fear of being harmed again, startled by sights, sounds or smells that occurred during the traumatic event or is  tired of feeling depressed, anxious, irritability, moody, and/or emotionally detached call today for your free phone consultation or schedule a counseling appointment.



We believe that addiction is a brain disease.  In the late stage of the disease, the person loses control and the addiction takes on a life of its own. The person feels worthless and powerless to change.  Addiction counseling can help.  We help you find the hope and skills to heal and live beyond addiction.



Services Provided

Comprehensive Clinical Assessments

Individual, Couples and Family Therapy

Group Therapy 

Life Coaching

Clinical Supervision for Addiction Professionals 



The first time I walked into Renee Adam’s office, I was twenty-one, living at my parent’s home, and struggling with anxiety so intense I could no longer hold a job or drive a car. Actions as simple as going to the grocery store were enough to send me into full-blown panic attacks, and financial worries consumed every waking hour. I felt hopeless, self-destructive, and ashamed of myself for not being as strong as I felt people my age were supposed to be. 

Over the course of the next two years, Renee worked patiently with me toward rehabilitation. She helped me to see I was my own worst critic, and gave me the tools I needed to treat myself with greater self-compassion. Her constant encouragement and feedback also helped me to challenge myself instead of taking the easy way out. Above all else, her willingness to accept me as I was gave me the support I needed to become the person I’d always wanted to be, even if that meant drastically changing some of the most fundamental aspects of my life. 

Overall, working with Renee has been one of the most positive, catalytic experiences in my life. She helped me to see the strengths I already had, and to build a solid foundation for the life I wanted to live with those strengths. It is very difficult to imagine I could’ve gotten to the place where I currently am—studying English literature on a full-ride scholarship at a world-class university—without her help. Even though it’s been four years since I first started seeing her, I still use the guidance she gave me in managing my mental health on a daily basis. 

KQ 25

You changed me and my life incredibly  You are the only person I''ve ever talked to that I felt really cared.  You really listened, and I talked alot.  You have been tough at the right times and helped me figure things out and make decisions for myself.  You are a blessing in my life sent at the right time from heaven.  I thank God I met you.

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